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Centering the information

Having been rather busy working for the past weeks, so not much time for blogging or anything else. Some changes on the information front though: have let my web pages go, simply to avoid having too much updating to do. … Continue reading

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Back to Funland

First week back at old job now officially over. And how did it go? Well, fast, for one thing.  Had really forgotten how quickly a week can swoosh by when you’re all caught up in the job. Of course I’ve … Continue reading

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Goodbye Yoga Pants, Welcome Power Suit?

Since I’ll soon be returning to office life, a sudden thought dawned on me: I will actually have to dress up to go to work. Worldwise, I know this is not a major revelation, but for someone who’s happily been … Continue reading

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Last Week On The Go

This coming week will be my last as a full-time yoga instructor, at least for a while. Although I have relished this past year-and-a-half working full time with yoga and health, I recently got a very interesting offer, which means … Continue reading

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The quiet life

This blog has really lived a yin existence of late… But that’s just because great things have been in the making. One of these is the fact that I’m soon to finish my last stretch of yoga teacher studies. While … Continue reading

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Back on track

I’m slowly returning to ordinary life after a looong holiday. It’s been great to have time off regular duties and I’ve spent most of it resting and doing as little as possible. Which is probably just what the doctor ordered … Continue reading

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No such thing as a free lunch?

A slight storm has risen in the small circles of Yoga Finland: some Helsinki-based teachers have started a trend giving free-of-charge yoga lessons based in the city centre and parks. The idea behind it could very well have been at … Continue reading

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