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The Brutal Truth

Here’s a brilliant infomercial you’d wish Coke had made themselves: I’m thrilled that this kind of information is spreading independently and that people are no longer buying into the BS of smart big-money marketeers. Money-hungry manufacturers have been feeding us rubbish … Continue reading

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Harvest season

In so many ways the end of summer is the best season. For one thing, there’s all this fresh food to enjoy. My particular favourite this year has been chanterelles. I’ve been experimenting with them quite a lot and here’s … Continue reading

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Dinner for dad

The kids all chipped in and bought their father a salad cook book for his recent birthday. Although my husband loves salads, he hasn’t been too keen on making them so far. Perhaps the kids hoped that would change. For … Continue reading

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Summer start: Yoga and Food Day

This was the second year in a row we kickstarted the sunny season with our Yoga and Food Day.  According to Ayurvedic principles, all food should contain as many different – and authentic – colours as possible. This was one … Continue reading

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A cheesy lunch

If you’re anything like me, summer and salads go hand in hand. But I’m not talking about those store-bought, dry varieties, with iceberg lettuce and a few cucumber slices and not much else. If anything, I’d wish more cafés and … Continue reading

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Very berry breakfast

This is just the nicest time of year in so many ways. One reason being that you start getting fresh berries and fruit, which have not been flown from the other side of the world. This was my breakfast today: … Continue reading

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About diabetes

Swedish doctor Andreas Eenfeldt is well known for his work on health issues related to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. His webpage Dietdoctor is one of the most frequently visited in Sweden and also partly translated into English. You can also … Continue reading

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