The Art of being Grateful

images-5I recently read an article about the importance of being grateful. It said that it’s not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who become happy.

Inspired by this, I wanted to make my own list of things to be grateful for. So, here are my first 3 – perhaps pretty obvious ones, but it doesn’t hurt to put them down on paper:

1. My marriage. 15 years ago I was lucky enough to meet my soulmate and we’ve shared paths ever since. It hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been the ride of my life.

2. My 4 wonderful children. They’re all healthy, happy (at least most of the time) and clever enough to make it in this world and I love them to bits.

3. Being able to do work that I love, with inspiring and positive people. Caring and sharing everday, and making the best of our time together. And the best part being: I can say this of almost every job I’ve ever had.

There. Not bad, eh?  I’ll be sharing mine every week. What’s your list like?






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