Goodbye Yoga Pants, Welcome Power Suit?

images-7Since I’ll soon be returning to office life, a sudden thought dawned on me: I will actually have to dress up to go to work. Worldwise, I know this is not a major revelation, but for someone who’s happily been slouching about in yoga pants for the past year and half, it is kind of big news. And a bit of a problem, since there’s not much else but comfy yoga clothes filling my wardrobe right now. But, with the tiny bit of fashion sense I have left, I suspect wearing tights and trainers to the office is decidedly un-cool. And therefore, alas, I will have to go shopping.  Which will indeed be a new sensation, because since I haven’t really needed anything specific to wear for a long time, I haven’t spent too much time browsing shops either. I wonder where I should even start?

Admittedly this particular problem pleases me, since in my past life I actually used to care about what I wore and it was quite fun trying to hang on to fashion’s whims and trends. Not that I’ve ever been a fashionista – always been a tad too comfort-seeking for that, a.k.a you won’t find me teetering around in six-inch heels, for instance. But tomorrow I will head out to find the new Business-me. Hopefully there’s a still fairly comfy version of that to be found, since I don’t like the thought of spending work days in ill-fitting clothes. Being stylish should not mean being uncomfortable. Let’s see what will unfold :-).

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