Summer start: Yoga and Food Day

This was the second year in a row we kickstarted the sunny season with our Yoga and Food Day.  According to Ayurvedic principles, all food should contain as many different – and authentic – colours as possible. This was one of Nina’s (read more about her at Tosiruoka) aims when she created the day’s menu, which consisted of mixed green salads with pomegranate seeds, a cabbage and orange salad, tomatoes and chives, mixed beans and apricots cooked with full grain basmati rice in coconut milk. Also oven-baked aubergines with olive oil, lemon and roasted sesame seeds and a mix of melon, asparagus and prawns – I hope I remembered it all correctly. Well, at least it tasted heavenly and looked delicious.

Looking pretty good - and colourful!

Looking pretty good – and colourful!

A big, warm thank you also to all our course participants, who brought with them great spirits, a lot of enthusiasm and a multitude of interesting and heartfelt experiences. You really make these days so worthwhile.

Next day with new yoga tricks and more tasty food is coming up in August :-). You’re welcome to join us then; the event will be posted up soon.

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