A cheesy lunch

If you’re anything like me, summer and salads go hand in hand. But I’m not talking about those store-bought, dry varieties, with iceberg lettuce and a few cucumber slices and not much else. If anything, I’d wish more cafés and restaurants would pick up on this: give us salad eaters a proper lunch, not just leaves and water…

Yesterday's lunch.

Yesterday’s lunch.

Aside from needing a nourishing lunch because of high-energy workouts, I also want to keep my salt levels in check. In summer it’s nice to do your practice outdoors, but that tends to get rather sweaty when it’s warm, so it’s easy to lose a lot of body salts.

When it comes to salads, I prefer a sturdier variety, preferably with something salty like halloumi cheese or marinated tofu. And plenty of fats of course, either from added olive oil (or any good oil) and nuts or seeds, which I’ve rounded of in the pan with some virgin coconut oil. Avocado also adds a nice touch of good fats.

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