Slouching away?

A few times I’ve posted quotes from Yamuna. She’s a woman with a mission and that mission is to teach us more about our bodies, how they function and how profoundly those functions (and any imbalances in them) affect our wellbeing – not only on a physical level but also mentally. Body and mind are intertwined.

So, here’s another good quote to those of you who’ve ever wondered why yoga instructors keep going on about lengthening your spine in (almost) every posture?

images-14This is what happens when you slouch over years: circulation decreases, heart and lungs begin to decline in function due to being continuously crushed by caving in ribs, the weight of the upper body dropping down continuously puts added stress on the entire digestive system, the kidneys, bladder and reproductive system.

The legs and feet suffer poorer and poorer circulation, and the head as it comes dropping down receives less and less oxygen and blood flow and so all brain functions slow down. All joints suffer decreased range of motion and slow and sure wearing away because there is more and more pressure into them. The spine and all it’s nerve roots compress more and more and so height is lost and direct nerve impulses from the nerve roots of the spine to most of our body functions are cut off.

Continuous weight gain occurs because all of the organs are being stressed and compressed due to slouching which finally becomes calcified into the structure. I forgot to mention prostate problems for men as also a major issue caused by slouching. As men gain weight they tend to expand primarily in their abdomen. All this abdominal swelling drops down onto the pelvis and cuts off circulation to the prostate and penis function. Women have more and more prolapses of their reproductive organs, too.

Boy o boy, this is only a minor part of all that slouching does to us. It is never too late to break the pattern. Why not start NOW?

(Yamuna Zake)

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