Another Reiki-filled weekend and some interesting revelations

I’m off to study Reiki again this weekend and just got back after my first day. My mentors and friends had told me what to expect: Reiki can change many things in your life. They were right: just after this first day I’ve seen things, which I’d almost forgotten about, come knocking again.

images-2For instance, as a teenager I used to channel all my feelings into painting. I’d paint portraits, abstracts, landscapes – you name it. All that teen energy (not all positive!) channeled its way into those paintings and somehow, with the help of oil and canvas, I made it through an otherwise rather troubled period fairly unharmed. According to some people, my stuff was even fairly decent, as art goes.

Then at some point, I lost the connection with my hands and painting just wasn’t a part of life anymore. For passing moments, I’ve regretted it during these years, but then there’s always been something else to take up my time. images-1And then I found yoga, which somehow filled the same void. But today, whilst driving home from my Reiki day, it suddenly dawned on me: I need to start painting again. I’ve got all this stuff wanting to come out and instead of constantly pouring it over my family and loved ones, directing it towards canvas or paper might be a good idea. And I can’t imagine it’s taken me over 20 years to figure that out. But better late than never, I suppose.

Reiki has also taught me to value what I’ve got and bravely wish for what I want. Slowly but surely, those wishes are now manifesting themselves as factual events, happenings and opportunities. It seems so easy that I’m amazed at the thought of it having been there all this time. I just never thought about asking. Now that I have, only the sky seems to be the limit. And I’m not sure it stops there either, to be quite frank. From fear to love – just daring to walk the path.

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