Oh sunny day!

images-8Things have been rather quiet on the blog front for a while. Main reason for this being my Reiki practice, which is now taking up the time I used to devote to blogging and other various net related pursuits. On a personal note that’s definitely a good thing – I can really use the grounding. But frustratingly enough I keep coming up with excellent blog topics whenever I’m sitting in the car, only to forget them as soon as I step out of it.

Unfortunately today’s quick post is not one of those brilliant-thought-about-whilst-driving posts, but a rather short and plain verse about how nice the weather is (thrilling stuff, I know…). But to excuse myself I have to say that after a winter like this one, you could easily devote half a dozen blog posts just to gratitude for seeing the sun. So I will do what thousands of other Finns have done today: head out into the sun. See you all when the rain starts pouring down again!


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