Another piece of my life puzzle clicking nicely into place

What Reiki does

What Reiki does

I got my first close encounter with Reiki through a friend at a yoga course we both attended and since then I’ve had some sessions of my own and from the very first moment it was clear that it wouldn’t stop there. Now, having completed the Reiki I course, I’m definitely starting to see many things more clearly. From having viewed Reiki mainly as a clever tool to use in yoga, I’m now starting to see it’s full potential as a powerful treatment method in its own right. The universal energy which is passed on during a treatment will find its way to whatever ails you, working hand in hand with more conventional treatements and/or medication.  Of course you don’t need to be ill to benefit from it: Reiki works wonders for tired and stressed minds and bodies, invigorating and restoring energy on every level, making you better prepared to tackle everyday life with all its challenges.

Reiki therapists are Warriors of Light

Reiki therapists are Warriors of Light

The treatment itself is simple: the person being treated lies down, fully clothed and preferably tucked in under a warming blanket. Loose fitting and comfortable clothes are preferable. Then the therapist places her hands on particular points on the body connected with our energy centres or Chakras. One session lasts for about an hour and is equivalent of 3-4hrs of sleep in its rejuvenating value!

At the Reiki I course, our teacher told us to prepare for the fact that there is “life before Reiki and life after Reiki”, and it certainly feels like it. For now, I’ll be practising as much as I can on family and friends, but from the beginning of May, after completing Reiki II, I’ll be able to see also other clients, and – rather surprisingly – it feels perfectly natural to implement this into everything else I’m doing. Already thinking hard about where to get space for treatments at home, so some rearranging will certainly occur around the house.

Having walked the yoga path for a few years now, I know that the puzzle of life slowly unfolds, with each missing piece turning up where you’d least expect it. Right now I feel tremendous gratitude because my puzzle has found another important piece – and it could very well be the completing one.

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