Theme: Kindness

Oh yes, they do and oh yes I will.

Oh yes, they do and oh yes I will.

I have a feeling that my ongoing theme for this past year has been kindness in all its different forms. I’m simply mesmerized by its magical force and the impact of even just a little of it in my life. With the risk of sounding a tad melodramatic, I would even go so far as to say that herein lies the key to eternal happiness. Why? Well, just have a look at angry and mean people – do they look happy to you?

So, be kind – and if not: rewind and do what you did, again, in a kinder way. And remember that rewinding includes saying you’re sorry, and meaning it. There’s another amazingly powerful word-combo.

And remember: it all starts at home. If you don’t like yourself, you’ll keep seeing faults in others. Be kind to yourself, let yourself off the hook every once in a while, and you’ll soon see that you’ll be doing that for others too. And go do some yoga – it will make you kinder by the hour, both towards yourself and others.

So just go out there and pass on the good, folks!

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