Can yoga aid in weight control?

images-2Since my yoga teacher studies are on their last stretch, I’ve been thinking about the topic for my final project work. Having always had a keen interest in nutritional and health issues, I’ve decided to combine my passions and have a closer look at how yoga can  support people with eating disorders and/or weight issues. If you have any information (links, articles, books etc. ) on these topics, I’d be most grateful if you’d share it with me. Any personal accounts or success stories would also be great to hear.

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2 Responses to Can yoga aid in weight control?

  1. I believe (but might be wrong) that hatha yoga slows down the metabolism and lowers the heart rate. Yoga therefore (unless you practise power yoga which was not available to ancient yogis) won’t make anyone lose weight.
    So why are people nonetheless lose weight when they start practising? I think it’s because yoga cultivates a mindfulness that extends not only towards the body, but also what nourishes that body. Yoga starts to infiltrate into other areas of our lives and, after a while, transforms our eating habits.
    All the best for your research and your studies!

    • Hi and thank you for your comment! This is my presumption also and I’m looking forward to seeing whether it’s true or not. I’ve found my test person and we’ll design a programme for her to see how yoga an affect her well-being.

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