Yoga studies, part 4

Been too busy curing my post-schooling hangover to write anything, but just realized that need to shake out of it eventually. My yoga teacher studies have now reached the 160hr level, so there’s only one more block of 40hrs to go before I can apply for the title of Yoga Alliance certified teacher. The 5th and final block won’t come until the end of July, so there’s plenty of time to prepare.

IMG_2485Still, these schooling weekends have been a real treat in the midst of hard work and every single one has definitely been worth the effort. This last one focused on assisting and the use of props (such as yoga blocks, belts and bolsters) so it was very hands on. And having mostly practiced the faster and flowing kinds of yoga, where assists are more scarce, it was a real eye-opener. I must admit that I had remains left of the old thought that props were only for those who can’t manage without, but boy was I wrong. I have now learned that by using different kinds of assisting materials (for instance a wall!) you can actually top up the level of difficulty in many asanas, and even more importantly, learn correct alignment in the process. We also learned some clever, safe techniques to practice also more demanding postures such as handstand or dropbacks.

So thanks again to my Alma Mater Yoga Nordic Helsinki and in particular the brilliant teachers Anne Poikolainen and Ville Moilanen. You guys really are the best. And another big thank you to my course mates, some of which I’ve shared this path with for some time now. It’s always a pleasure and I’m filled with gratitude thinking about how generously you all shared your thoughts and experiences with me. Whatever will we do when we all graduate, because I really need to keep seeing you all. Lots of love!

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