The missing pieces in our puzzle

It’s been a busy week and to top it all off hubby is away, getting some well-earned days off skiing together with our eldest son. As much as I want them to have that quality time together, I was still a bit flabbergasted just thinking about how to manage all the school and hobby runs, home stuff and the relentless work schedule, which doesn’t take into account that a few pieces of our everyday puzzle are missing.

120px-JigsawBut luckily my parents made a rare visit to help us out, which means that everything suddenly runs a lot more smoothly. Last night we had a snowstorm, which pretty much covered everything in white fluff and we could hardly open the door in the morning. But my dear father took on the job of shuffling it all away, and in a while I was able to find my car, which was a good thing since I had to drive to work. And not only that; he also hacked away all the ice on our stairs, which I’d been too busy (or lazy!) to fix.

Tomorrow the kids have a math test and while I was at work, my mother managed to help them out preparing for that. When I got home, dinner was ready and I could hop straight into the car to drive my son to his football game. Now she’s baking with my youngest daughter – who’s always asking me to do it with her, but I never have the time. I’m starting to think I could get used to this…

I’m really grateful for my parents’ help, but all the more for the fact that they’re still around, healthy and active enough to share our everyday. There really is a special magic in the bond between generations.

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