The deadly touch of the Sugar Fairy

For quite a while now, scientists have known about the connection between high sugar intake and the risk to develop cancer – and a number of other diseases. But only lately has this information reached the general public – something that can be thought to be rather surprising, since, if anything, this really is an issue which can greatly impact the lives of millions of people.

SUGARFrom having been taught that sugar is a rather harmless “treat” that you can allow yourself from time to time, we are now discovering that it is right up there in the same league with nicotine, drugs or alcohol – and possibly even more dangerous, since it is still legal and so widely used.

And thanks to ruthless and money-hungry food manufacturers it is also being put into foods where it traditionally has played no part – just to make us want them and buy them. Because that’s another financially brilliant thing about sugar: eating it makes you crave for more and bingo, the sales of almost any food stuff with high sugar content are boosted – and meanwhile general health is deteriorating and diseases like cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s are becoming more and more common.

If you want to find out more about the research, read this article, which maps out the different studies in the field: About sugar and cancer. Well worth reading, it might change the way you view that candy bar – for good.

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