How’s YOUR diet doing?

404798_10151671141008277_1192763763_nIn the aftermath of New Year’s resolutions, this might very well be the last question many of us want to hear. But if you’re struggling to find balance in your eating habits, you should have a look at this link and seriously consider the advice given: Biggest lies of mainstream nutrition

Now here’s finally a comprehensive list refuting all the common myths about food and summoning up the worst pitfalls which all the world’s clever marketeers want you to believe in – and fall for.

I encounter most of these myths daily, since yoga is a very health-promoting practice, and therefore people attending class often have questions about food and I hear a lot about the health problems many are struggling with. Sometimes yoga helps, but nobody can achieve true health and balance without considering what they’re fueling their body with. Make no mistake: what goes in, will show on the outside and more importantly: you will feel it on the inside.

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2 Responses to How’s YOUR diet doing?

  1. Good luck! I’ve always been lousy at NOT eating :-).

  2. beautywhizz says:

    Interesting post. I am fasting today as it is my day off. Just water and lots of herbal warming up teas. Fingers crossed I can make it till evening… shoule really make it a habbit and fast once in a month. We will see after today!

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