Fashion flings and twinges

With reference to my previous post (about wearing only yoga pants), I’ve decided that this is the only downside to my new life and job. I absolutely love what I do and teaching yoga must surely be one of the most fun-filled professions there is. But walking past shop windows displaying the latest spring flings in fashion (like pastel-coloured skinny jeans or flowery tunics or blouses in sheer fabrics) can give me the occasional twinge: I don’t really have many occasions to wear anything but workout clothes.

imagesNow this is definitely a low-priority problem, I know, but in my previous life I quite enjoyed wearing nice clothes. I still do, but they tend to be more practical since I need to be able to move freely. And also: the fact that I have a sweaty job, means that darker colours are preferable, so it’s mostly been goodbye florals and pastels. Not that there is such a great choice in those when it comes to workout clothes; the colours tend to be practical too. Or neon, which really doesn’t go too well with my (middle-aged) complexion…

But all in all: not a bad thing if this is indeed the only downside I can think of. Well, the other one would probably be the low likelihood of ever getting insanely rich, but then again: yoga gives consolation to that too. No need to gather worldly belongings when you get richer in spirit by the hour :-).

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