Post-schooling hangover

Yep. That's it: if you want something: do it now. Tomorrow (or someday) really isn't on the agenda :-).

Yep. That’s it: if you want something: do it now. Tomorrow (or someday) really isn’t on the agenda :-).

Pheeuw – 4 intensive days later and my 3rd yoga teacher course module is over and done with. Only 80 more hours to go towards the 200hr certification, so well over half-way now. Feels great! Although it can be tough completing these intense modules aside of working full-time 7 days a week, it’s still worth it. In spite of my slight but customary post-course hangover I can’t deny I’m really living my dream; doing what I love and being in the lucky position of learning more about it – slowly but surely.

Now back at home, once again filled with new ideas, inspiration and loads of knowledge. Also feeling very grateful for having had the chance to meet all the great people with whom I got to share the course – it wouldn’t have been half as fun without you guys. You all contributed to create the warm, generous and giving atmosphere we got to enjoy – thank you so much for that. It made my learning experience all the more valuable.

Next module about adjusting and assisting is up in March and I’m already looking forward to it. Hope to see many of you there too!

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