The Magic of Yoga

Two tough days of teacher training done and both last night and today I ended the day with teaching my own classes. Tonight I thought I’d have felt tired and perhaps even fed up with yoga – having been eating, drinking, sleeping and thinking yoga for 2 full days already. But when the school day was over I headed for one of my regular classes and once I got to the studio and sat down on my mat, looking at all the wonderful people who’d shown up to share a late Friday evening with me, I just felt incredibly grateful and happy. Grateful for having the opportunity to share the experience of yoga with them and happy that they choose to attend class each week, even though I’m sure they’re tired from work too.

images-26There and then I decided not to care about being tired and rather focus on passing on all the good energy that was vibrating in class. After some rather energetic work, we ended the class with a guided meditation and Savasana and through that meditation I tried to pass on the gratitude I felt. Funnily enough, I don’t think I’ve ever heard quite so many positive comments after class as I did today. So many wonderful people talked to me just to share how great they felt and what warmth they had experienced.

This truly is the magic of yoga and I’m privileged to experience and share it with all of you in class. There’s really no way to express in words how much I owe you all for making this happen. You are beautiful. Thank you – Namaste!

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