How to transform a tired yogi?

Just resting my head, will be with you in a minute...

Just resting my head, will be with you in a minute…

Didn’t sleep very well last night and with a full day ahead with 4 classes in a tightly scheduled row I was feeling a bit low when I got up. But once I got going with my first class, the tiredness was gone and from there it was full steam ahead as usual.

That’s the truly wonderful thing about yoga. It never ceases to surprise me: what other physical activity could you possibly do for 6 hrs in a row, having slept only a couple of hours the night before – and not only survive doing it, but also feel invigorated, alive and not tired at all once you’ve completed your day? Not much else, I can tell you…

Makes me think back at all those years I wanted to do yoga but couldn’t because the kids were small, woke up at night and there was constant exhaustion, stress and lack of sleep. Perhaps those years too could have been made easier by doing some yoga – even though the thought of getting started seemed overwhelming back then. Nevertheless, I’m very happy to be doing what I am today and feeling blessed for every single day. Namaste!

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