A day for yoga and food

IMG_2352January 6th I hosted another yoga and food course together with Nina Westerback from Tosiruoka. It was our third venture together and this time we had a full house of 15 participants joining in.

The day started off with a dynamic hatha yoga session. After that Nina prepared a delicious Ayurvedic lunch and spoke about Ayurvedic food principles, most of which are very sound advice for all of us, like not eating too much at one go or eating more cooked and spicy food in winter to stay warm. IMG_2351And above all: to use fresh, natural ingredients and let the tastes and raw materials speak for themselves without any unnecessary additives. She also talked about the different Ayrvedic personality types, or doshas, and which foods are best suited for whom.

The day finished off with some tips on head stand and shoulderstand techniques and after that a session of relaxing and stretching yoga, which ended with meditation and some positive affirmations. I’m very happy to have shared this with you all and hope to see you again next time!

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