Cabbage craze

I’ve had one of my rare bursts of cooking frenzy this week and it started with spotting cabbages in the store. Cabbage is one of my favourite foods and whenever I find good ones I like to cook them into anything and everything.

800px-India_-_Koyambedu_Market_-_Cabbage_03_(3986948592)This time I made a tasty stew with lots of garlic, some onions, carrots and parmesan.The scent of it cooking filled the whole house. I know some people loathe cabbage and particularly the smell, so bear with me: the wonderful taste is well worth suffering the odours :-).

If you buy a whole cabbage, there’s food enough to feed half an army, so I made some coleslaw to go. Probably one of the worlds easiest foods and incredibly tasty. In mine I just put cabbage, a few carrots, some salt and lots of pepper and plenty of mayo.

I wish I’d taken some pics – if not for anything else, then to prove I sometimes actually do cook food. But unfortunately it was so tasty, there’s nothing left to take pictures of. So you’ll have to settle for a simple picture of the raw material itself.

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