New Year, new tricks

800px-%22_12_-_ITALY_-_fuochi_d'artificio_a_Padova_(_fireworks_Padua_)_Prà_della_Valle_2Hi there! I’m back after what might very well be the longest break in my blogging history.

But haven’t been all lazy during my absence: only a few days of actual leave, and then I’ve held classes, hosted courses, haggled endlessly with finalizing the spring schedule, invested in some new marketing material (which was looong overdue, considering the fact that Yogaboo will soon celebrate its 1st full year in business) and today I took part in my first “real” commercial photo shoot ever.

Next week I’ll hopefully be able to flaunt some nice pics, where clever make-up artists, hairdressers and brilliant photographer Anna Dammert have done their utmost to make this tired, worn-out yogi mum look her very best. Obviously not even talented professionals can fix a total face-lift at my age (without a surgeon’s knife), so don’t get your hopes up. I’ll settle for looking just a bit less wrinkly and tired than usual :-). After all, I’ve  heard they can do wonders with lightning… And if all else fails, there’s always Photoshop, right?

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