Spring Schedule

Classes for spring have now been scheduled and it’s looking good :-). Lots of fun stuff ahead for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. Hope to see you often on the mat!


16.15-17.30  Power Yoga at Tekla, Tapiola, Espoo*

18.15-19.15   Pilates, level 2 at CMS Forever Varisto, Vantaa

20.00-21.00  Power Yoga (Folkhälsan i Esboviken) at Mårtensbro skola, Espoo


16.00-17.00   Yoga at Tieto, Otaniemi, Espoo*


 07.30-08.30  Private tuition, Espoo*

 17.50-18.50   Pilates Ball at Fressi Leppävaara, Espoo

19.15-20.30  Ashtanga Yoga (75min) at CMS Forever Matinkylä, Espoo


07.15-08.15  Dynamic Hatha Yoga at Market Visio, Niittykumpu, Espoo*

09.30-10.25  Morning Yoga at Liikuntakeskus Vida, Vantaa

17.15-18.15   Pilates at Nokia, Keilaniemi, Espoo*

19.00-20.15  Ashtanga Yoga (75min) at CMS Forever Varisto, Vantaa


07.15-08.30  Asthanga Yoga (75min) at Idealfit Eira, Helsinki

17.00-18.15  Ashtanga Yoga (75min) at Fressi Leppävaara, Espoo

19.15-20.30  Dynamic Hatha Yoga at CMS Forever Matinkylä, Espoo


09.45-11.00  Asthanga Yoga (75min) at Fressi Espoonlahti, Espoo

11.45-12.45   Dynamic Hatha Yoga at Fressi Kamppi, Helsinki

13.00-14.00  Dynamic Hatha Yoga at Helsingin Astangajoogakoulu, Helsinki

14.30-15.30   Dynamic Hatha Yoga at LadyLine Tapiola, Espoo


13.00-14.00  Dynamic Hatha Yoga at Kanniston koulu, Vantaa

*private/corporate groups; entry for members/employees only
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