Time off and a sandwich scare?

It’s been quiet here for the past days. Lots of end-of-season stuff to do. But will try to catch up with blogging during the holidays, with my whole 4 days off training and/or teaching. After a super-hectic autumn it’s going to feel very strange having some time off. In fact so strange that I decided to do a trial run tomorrow, on Finnish Independence Day, just to test it out. Tomorrow will actually be the first day in 3 months without either training or teaching and I wonder what my body will say about that. Or my head!

800px-SandwichOn a more important note, have been feeling a remote inclination of a flu coming along. Nothing too serious yet, but I’m a bit disappointed, since I’ve gone almost 3 full years without even a trace of illness. I suspect it could be those occasional sandwiches I’ve had to resort to sometimes, being on the run and dependent on food which can be eaten using just one hand (not much else but sandwiches qualify for that, I can tell you…). Carbs just don’t agree with me. As soon as I noticed this I went back to being super-strictly low-carb and actually today I’m feeling less fluish. I certainly hope sticking to low-carb will do the trick, because then it’ll be easy to come to terms with. No more sandwiches for me, thanks!

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