Road to reiki continued

My second encounter with reiki was even more powerful than the first. Just walking into the treatment room felt empowering. Without going into the treatment in great detail, I can say that I really felt an enormous flow of energy and – again – an immediate relief in my back, which has been acting up lately.

But even more so I felt a strong emotional relief – and actually that’s what I think my back ache is connected to. For many years I’ve carried both my own and everybody else’s troubles. Practicing yoga has helped me lighten my load. For a long time being strong for me equaled being hard and judgmental – to keep my shield intact I just couldn’t afford to let my guard down. Opening the heart simply wasn’t on the agenda. But through yoga, as my body has become more flexible, so has my mind. In yoga tradition, backbends are considered to be very effective in opening the Heart Chakra, which is probably why I’ve found them quite difficult. Right now I have a strong feeling that reiki is going to help me so much on this road.

Still in the beginning of my journey, I’m already starting to see the impact. As I’ve felt my heart opening, I’ve started to share more of it in my classes and I’ve received more genuinely positive feedback than ever before. People have left smiling, which in itself is a gift, but they have also taken the time to say kind things and share with me how good they’re feeling after the class. I’m incredibly grateful for this and will always be in debt to my wonderful teachers, who’ve made this possible.

Before I left my reiki treatment, my therapist asked me to pick an Angel Card. These can be used for guidance. You should always pick the card with your left hand (the side of your heart). This is what mine said:


To develop your ability to feel mercy towards others, forgive yourself and everybody around you.

Be merciful, see the good in others and try not to judge them.

Open up to compassion and find within you the wisdom, which sees Divinity in all God’s creatures.

When you try to be less rigid and critical towards others, you are showing them mercy.

You will spread light, happiness and freedom around you and encourage others to find the good within them.

Choosing this card can mean that the Angels of Mercy are offering you freedom from pain and things troubling you. Accept the gift – with mercy.

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