Road to reiki

The word “reiki” written in Shinjitai Japanese

Today I’m heading for Lahti and an Usui Reiki treatment with Riitta Tissari. Very excited about it, since my first real encounter with this treatment method a few weeks ago was almost magical. And it feels rather weird to be saying this, since I don’t consider myself to be the kind of person who goes in for anything mystical. But still I know, from years of practice, that yoga raises your spiritual awareness, which could mean that you actually become more susceptible to methods of spiritual healing such as reiki.

I’ve been working very hard this autumn season and ever since summer I’ve had a strange back-pain coming and going and there’s seemingly no reason for it – other than the muscles being overworked. Last time I had a small dose of reiki (just for a couple of minutes) the pain was gone for days. I’m really looking forward to seeing what will happen today, since I’ve booked a 1,5 hr treatment. Will keep you posted!

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2 Responses to Road to reiki

  1. It has indeed. My teacher said that there is life before and after reiki and oh boy does that ring true. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. wartica says:

    Reiki is one of the best healing arts around, and I’m glad to hear it has transformed your life –in amazing ways ;))

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