Dear Facebook,

I would like to know if anyone else is getting frustrated with Your endless sharing of ads? And I don’t mean the relatively harmless, small ones in the right sidebar, but the ones which are masked as “likings” by friends and perpetrate the news feed, almost outnumbering any real (=interesting) activity: “He or she likes this or that or has taken part in a competition to win whatnot”. It seems that You are slowly becoming one big advertisement selection and users now have to struggle to find the bits and pieces that they’re actually interested in.

I guess we should have seen this coming when community and small business pages were thrown the ultimatum of either starting to pay up or slowly drop out of people’s news feeds. As page followers, are we engaged enough to go through a list of (possibly) hundreds of pages, clicking on each one to keep them in our news feed? Probably not. And even though people would like to keep following your FB page, they might not realise that they need to actively choose it again for it to remain in their news feeds – after all, they have already done it once. And this inactivity is exactly what You seem to be relying on – thus forcing hundreds of thousands of small page admins to either cough up the money or slowly lose the fans they’ve worked hard to get.

Another reason I strongly dislike You forcing people to do this, is that for small business owners or community page admins, the idea with Facebook was never advertising as such, but rather keeping in touch with clients/friends and exchanging information, a.k.a communication. I may be old-fashioned, but I’d rather cling on to that idea than start using pay-per-view clicks or stuffing endless promotions down my liker’s throats.

For some time ago I would have been ready to deem out web pages or blogs as means of communication with friends/clients, because of Your superiority in that department. But this recent change means that my FB page most probably will lose contact with many in my interest group and force me back to using the web or blog as primary means of communication. So, dear Facebook, what has so far been (on my part) a sweet love affair, has now turned sour and sordid. And since I’ve always considered myself to be one of Your greatest fans, I suspect this is rather bad news.

Yours sincerely,

A soon to be Ex-Page-Admin

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2 Responses to Dear Facebook,

  1. Perhaps, Facebook should listen to that and change the advertising strategy. Your voice could be one of the millions.

    • Well I’m certainly hoping they would, although of course I realise my views are only a drop in the ocean. But I’ve been one of FB:s sternest supporters since day 1 and I still believe in this brilliant forum for social interactions. But if it becomes only a money-making machine like any other, we’ll lose that cool and quirky mix of personal interaction and business – which is what FB was all about originally. And that saddens me. If I only want to advertise, I’ve got a thousand forums to choose from. But so far Facebook has been the only place for a business to show their human side too – by personal status updates and interesting links. Now these efforts seem futile in the midst of massive promotions from large companies wanting only to sell to the masses.

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