Gearing up for winter

Let the storms rage on – I’ll be prepared!

Up here in the far North we’re fast approaching colder times. This usually leads to the quest for climate appropriate gear. This year I’ve prepared by investing in a new coat from well-tested and weatherproof Henri Lloyd.

Driving from one place to another for my classes, I end up spending quite a lot of time in the car, which means that I can’t wear a stuffy down-jacket without melting away. On the other hand, climbing into an ice-cold car on winter mornings, one does appreciate those warm layers. But it proved quite a challenge to find a coat that was light and warm at the same time. This one is from Henri Lloyd’s autumn collection, but it’s still warm enough, with comfortable flannel inside and waterproof layer on the outside. Also, it’s very easy to slip in and out of, which is good for someone like me constantly on the run.

Another scoop were these sturdy winter boots from Crocs. Yes, precisely, it’s those Crocs. I’ve always had a secret fascination for the brand and our kids have been using their footgear for years. I however do not own a pair of those infamous sandals, but I have discovered their other shoes, which actually are incredibly wearable, lightweight and comfortable.

For summer they had some great sneakers and I’ll sure be investing in those come spring. But for this season I found these fabulous, (fake)fur-lined, light boots, which fit like a glove. And they too, are very easy to slip into – which is a sort of hang-up of mine. I really don’t like to fuss over clothes, so anything that finds its way into my closet needs to be very easy-to-wear indeed. So this winter I’ll simply be flying over those piles of snow :-).

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