A truly heart-opening experience

Weekend is over and I have just finished part 2 of my RYT 200 yoga teacher studies. A total of 80hrs (out of 200) is now completed and I’m really starting to feel the impact of it all. During these 4 days I realized that becoming a teacher of yoga really isn’t a journey for the mind only, but also – in the greatest extent – for the heart. 

The topic for this course was yoga philosophy, which in itself is very interesting, with all its connotations to both hinduism and buddhism. I’ve always been a great fan of both history and religion, so as such, the informative side of this course block was exactly my field. And the teachers at Yoga Nordic, brilliant Heidi and Teemu Kara, certainly knew what they were talking about and not only that: they were also passionate about it, which really adds to the learning experience. We heard about a multitude of traditions, historical twists as well as new, cutting-edge research into yoga. Thank you both, immensely, for opening both your chest of knowledge and your hearts to all of us listening!

The Heart Chakra, or Anahata Chakra, is the 4th primary chakra, or energy center, in the body.

During the course we also had the chance to try Tibetan Heart Yoga, presented to us by Anita Simola, who came in contact with it through one of Dalai Lama’s lectures in Brussels. This meeting enticed her to explore Tibetan yoga further and through that she found a new way of bringing forward this ancient wisdom. Anita, who also is a Master of Usui Reiki, combined the practice with the energy-enhancing principles of Reiki.

The purpose of Tibetan Heart Yoga as taught by Dalai Lama, is to awaken compassion, love and understanding – and also to spread it further. The yoga practice is strengthened by positive affirmations read out by the teacher in class. This, combined with heart-opening and warming movements, was really strong stuff and became an experience I will never forget.

I’ve practiced yoga for many years now, but I can honestly say that nothing, so far, has touched my heart as much as the 2 practice sessions we had with Anita. Of course it might not just be the Tibetan practice or Reiki in itself: it could very well be a question of just being in the right place at the right time. My yoga practice has brought me to where I am now, and prepared me for this heart-opening experience. Chances are if I’d done this a few years ago, that I’d have felt nothing more than a good stretch…! But still, the impact surprised me to the extent that I’m now steadfast on finding out all I can about both Heart Yoga and Reiki – and perhaps, some day, being able to share this wonderful experience further. Thank you Anita!

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