Autumn vibes

Today I finally had the time to add some autumn colour to house and home. As many of you know, I’m not a fan of winter but changing seasons do give their bit of spice to life. If nothing else, you get to invest in some new flowers and greenery, which always brightens the mind. Unfortunately, I don’t really have green fingers at all, so most of my plants tend to die a painful death through overwatering or unforgivably long periods of drought. But still, every new season I make a go at it and promise myself I’ll take better care of what I buy.

When selecting plants, I tend to go for the ready-made options, since I don’t really fancy getting my hands dirty in planting and arranging (!). But thankfully there’s usually plenty to choose from, even for us lazy gardeners. Here’s a bit of what I gathered up during my rounds today. Hope you all get to add some autumn vibes to your weekend too :-).

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2 Responses to Autumn vibes

  1. Thanks, so do I. Both of those just spell autumn to me :-).

  2. beautywhizz says:

    Love the pumpkins and the heather!

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