First month of teaching – an overview

A month into full weeks of yoga teaching I’m now ready to make the first count-down. Here are my revelations so far:

1) Mind: keeping together – but just barely… I had never realized there was so much work involved in creating and negotiating your schedule, keeping the books, networking and whatnot. This means that finding the time for your own spiritual practice and development is scarce. However, the need for both of these grows the busier I get. This is definitely one of the areas in which I need to invest more.

2) Body: thankfully, I didn’t break (yet). Instead I’m actually feeling stronger. Even my back, which sometimes has reacted negatively especially to strong backbends, is now in gear and there’s even been some development for the better. Muscle tone improvement and improved balance are 2 other positive side-effects. At my age, this feels like somewhat of a win-win situation.

3) Own practice: not perfect but probably better than expected. The words of my teacher still ring in my ears: If your own practice suffers, then you’re doing too much teaching and need to cut down. With this in mind, I’ve tried to hang on to my own practice, sometimes stubbornly but occasionally doing the yogic thing and making the practice lighter when I feel worn out. So far, so good. Still, finding the time is an ongoing challenge.

4) Family. Well, there’s been a lot of work and yes, at times my family suffers. Working evenings is fine, since quite often the kids have hobbies and weeknights tend to be pretty hectic in our house anyway. But going off Saturday or Sunday morning, while everyone else is still asleep can feel tough at times. I’m already seeing that eventually I’ll have to cut down on working weekends. How that’s going to be accomplished is another story.

5) Food. One of my worries was that because of my hectic schedule, I wouldn’t always have time to eat properly. That has turned out to be true. Not that I’ve resorted to junk food, but contrary to my usual diet, I’ve had to grab the occasional sandwich on the run. With the amount of exercise I’m doing at the moment, this is not a huge problem, since even though I usually avoid carbs, my body now digests them more easily. I still don’t like them though, and feel so much better without. But the variety of food-on-the-run is very carb-based in most places, which means that in order to eat properly, you have to pack food with you. This will do fine on shorter runs, but when you’re away all day, you’d need a fridge in the car to keep food fresh. So if anybody’s got a solution to this one, please let me know.

6) Teaching. Slowly finding my own style. Only a month into regular classes is too short to see any real change, but I’m starting to get a picture of the kind of teacher I am (or want to be). Also, I’m developing the courage to teach in my own style, without focusing too much on what everybody else is thinking.  However, this is a process which will take years – I’m sure of that. So for now, I just try not to rush it and instead ease into a comfort zone and stay there for the duration of the class. Also, I’m now actually looking forward to each class, to meeting the people there and sharing their experience – instead of worrying about my own “performance” (which it of course isn’t – but the first times it sure felt like one!).

All in all – not a bad month :-).

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5 Responses to First month of teaching – an overview

  1. Raunak says:

    I vouch for yoga from personal experience. What I find the most challenging is pacing myself right…sometimes I go fast and the impact isn’t what I desire. Yoga truly tests you mind and body!

    Glad to have come across this post!

  2. Katti: jo, sen borde man bara ännu vara så organiserad att man ser till att fixa maten som ska in i dom också :-). Men det där med bilkylskåp får man fundera på…

  3. Katti says:

    Det finns bilkylskåp. Eller så kör du old school med kylväska och -patroner 🙂

  4. Thank you! It’s an ongoing process :-).

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