Savasana overdose?

As I was driving home today after the day’s third class, I noticed how good I felt. Not only because I was heading home after a day’s work, but because doing a lot of yoga just makes me feel good. Every time I guide a class through Savasana, I’m just thankful for getting to do this. The atmosphere in the room is calm, everybody is relaxed and just enjoying the moment. There is something special in the air when a room full of people are just relaxing after yoga and I think some of this rubs off on all of us present.

Then, when you do that several times a day, you actually get something you could call “Savasana overdose” but in this case it’s not harmful, it just gives you a nice, warm and generally happy feeling. The more yoga I’ve been doing, the more kindness I carry inside. It’s just not possible to harbour any negative feelings when you enter this state of mind several times a day. And no matter how stressed, worried or upset I am when walking in and starting a class, I never walk out feeling anything but good. Now there’s a definite upside of this job :-).

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