Last Day Magic

When I light this pretty lantern on gloomy winter evenings, I’ll be thinking of all the wonderful people at Kyrkslätts gymnasium and they’ll be warming my heart.

Yesterday marked the last day of my teaching career, which has stretched out over 15 years (give or take a few breaks in between). Well, strictly speaking this is not an ending as such, since I’ll continue teaching yoga. But for now: no more grammar, essays or tests and no more crowded corridors, assemblies, course books or PTA meetings.

I’m sad to leave behind the greatest bunch of colleagues, who’ve really made my school time. Not to mention the sometimes hilarious moments shared with students – and actually I think I’ll even miss the “parenting” side of teaching too. Who am I going to tell off now, for not taking off their caps or being late? Well, luckily I’ve still got kids of my own at home – with any luck they’ll be seeing a bit more of me from now on.

My last day was a magical one: I got serenaded from one of my colleagues, who’s a very gifted singer and the students in my class actually seemed very sad to hear I was leaving (and yes, it was after they’d received their grades…).

To top it all off: I got some lovely going-away presents. The lantern above and not only that, but a gorgeous goody bag filled with healthy treats, sure to keep me going for the winter. I’m really lacking words right now – there just isn’t a clever way of saying how much I’ve enjoyed being with you guys. So I’ll just say this: let’s not say goodbye, let’s say until we meet again :-).

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