Aloe Vera on the go

Just have to give one more product endorsement: if you haven’t tried any Urtekram products before, start with this one. An absolutely fabulous and nourishing body lotion with aloe vera, which keeps my fairly dry skin moist without making it sticky – something you definitely want to avoid when doing yoga. When I shower in the morning before heading off to a class, I can use this light lotion and still hold on to my legs, toes or whatever I need in practice, without slipping.

Urtekram products are great also because they’re sold in regular stores (at least our local supermarket stocks them) and they are moderately priced, compared to many other ecological and/or fair trade products. Not that I object to paying for a good product, but sometimes it feels rather like the image of something being ecologically sound makes up half the price. This doesn’t apply to Urtekram: they’re good through and through.

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2 Responses to Aloe Vera on the go

  1. True. Just have to hope that as more people turn to organic products, the prices will eventually go down – at least a bit.

  2. beautywhizz says:

    Agreed, so many organic/ natural products are really pricey. Great that Urtekram helps with yoga practice as well!

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