Want to try yoga?

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be hosting 2 yoga courses. Feel free to join if you’re a beginner or if you just need a gentle brush up on the basics :-). Details below:

Hatha Yoga Basics 

Course description: Want to try out a dynamic, yet gentle form of exercise? Than Hatha yoga might be your thing. The course outlines the basics of Hatha practice; such as relaxation techniques, Sun Salutations, a variety of asanas (including balance postures, forward bends, side bends, twists and back bends) and the traditional closing sequence.

Place: Helsingin Astangajoogakoulu, Annankatu 29B, Helsinki

Time: Saturday, Sept 22nd at 16:30-18:30

Price: 120€ (includes the introductory course and a 10 x practice card).  My weekly Hatha-class is on every Sunday at 15:45-16:45 at the same spot and after the course you’re welcome to join in!

For more details: Helsingin Astangajoogakoulu

Asthanga Yoga for Beginners

Course description: Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic practice, which combines breath and a flow of physically demanding movements. Learn the technique and start a practice, which will improve your physical stamina, flexibility as well as concentration and focus. After the course you’ll be equipped to join any of Fressi’s many weekly yoga classes. 

Place: Liikuntakeskus Fressi Leppävaara, Esikunnankatu 2, Espoo

Time: Saturday Sept 29th at 14:30-16:30

Price: Free for Fressi members (also non-members welcome; small fee applicable)

More details will soon be posted on: Fressi Leppävaara

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2 Responses to Want to try yoga?

  1. wartica says:

    It’s always a pleasure coming across a yoga instructor; can’t wait to hear your tips;)

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