Weekend debacle

The past week was a busy one, but all in all I got good feedback for classes and had a really nice time with all my groups. Therefore, when the weekend came, I allowed myself to ease into it relaxed and full of confidence. Everything was working out just as planned. Or so I thought – because apparently I had still been under enough stress to mess a few things up…

The knot started to unravel when I got a call Saturday afternoon from a colleague, whose class I had promised to cover while she was away. I had done the same thing earlier, and the week before I had received an e-mail where she wrote that Saturday’s class had been cancelled. But apparently I had read the message sloppily and got the dates confused and all the customers had been left bewildered, because no teacher turned up. All of a sudden, my Saturday evening got a gloomier note. I can forgive myself for making a mistake, but what really saddens me is to cause trouble for others – and this definitely did. Not a good day by any account.

Today I woke up with new resolve, trying to put yesterday’s debacle behind me, and set out to do my rounds as usual. I had a class in Vantaa, which went nicely and from there I drove into Helsinki for my next one. Arriving there in good time, I strolled around the city for a while before going to the yoga school where I was teaching. As I entered the hallway I realized that leaving home, I had grabbed the wrong set of keys. So there I was, standing outside the school, not being able to get in.

This particular yoga school operates on 2 different storeys in the same building, so I ran upstairs to ask the teachers there if they, miraculously, would happen to have keys for downstairs too. Unfortunately they didn’t, so I ran back down, hoping that this very day no customers would turn up. After all it was a beautiful, sunny day – who’d want to come and do yoga indoors anyway?

Well, 2 people did. And 2 of the nicest people too, since after a short discussion about what to do, we decided to have an impromptu lesson in the hallway upstairs. So up we went, spread out our mats in a restricted space, while people around us were coming and going to other classes. I will never forget it because this, if anything, was a show of total dedication and focus on the practice on their part. So, against all odds, we managed to do the class and afterwards, we had a good laugh and both of them promised to come back next week – and I promised to be sure to bring the keys…!

All’s well that ends well, but I’ve sure learned my lesson: next time a class is (seemingly) cancelled, I will make the call to double-check on that. And I will not leave the house another Sunday without bringing my full set of keys with me…

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2 Responses to Weekend debacle

  1. Thanks for the words of support – I know I too will be checking my pockets now before AND after leaving the house…

  2. I locked my keys inside my locker at the yoga studio last week. It happens to everyone! But I do double check now, that’s for sure!

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