Letting go

Full autumn season rolls out this week at all gyms and yoga schools. It will be a challenge to see if I’ll be able to keep up writing here every once in a while too. Will certainly try to and in a couple of weeks I’ll probably have found working routines for both parts of the job. For now, I’ll just concentrate on keeping my own yoga practice afloat, despite a challenging schedule.

I have made one major decision though, and that is to quit my other job as a language teacher. It wasn’t easy, since I’ve greatly enjoyed doing that too. But sometimes in life too many good things combined become a bit too much to handle and letting go of one is inevitable.  I’ll just try to think of this as an experiment – should the yoga path not turn out the way I hoped, I can always go back, because even if new doors open, old ones needn’t close full-stop.

One thing is for sure: I will dearly miss my wonderful colleagues at school and also the students, whose relentless energy has kept me going at the toughest of times. These coming last weeks I’ll enjoy their company to the fullest and make sure to leave with the best memories stored, sealed and treasured.

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