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Aloe Vera on the go

Just have to give one more product endorsement: if you haven’t tried any Urtekram products before, start with this one. An absolutely fabulous and nourishing body lotion with aloe vera, which keeps my fairly dry skin moist without making it sticky – … Continue reading

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Trouble sleeping?

I’m often out and about working quite late in the evening and if you’re doing an energizing headstand sequence in class at 9pm it can cause trouble winding down. This has happened to me and I’ve sort of accepted it … Continue reading

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Munchiculation exam?

In Finnish high-schools, twice a year it’s time for the annual matriculation exam, which is meticulously supervised by us teachers. Students writing the exam are allowed to bring food with them, since the whole thing lasts for a full 6 … Continue reading

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Truth of the day

  So many people are. One can only wish they’ll find the courage and strength from within, because that really is the way. No one can change because somebody tells them to. You need to first feel it – and … Continue reading

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Eco driving?

Next Saturday is “Leave your car at home” day here in the Greater Helsinki area, complete with lower prices for public transport.  This is a nice initiative, but I’m wondering if the brains behind it have actually thought the whole … Continue reading

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Doggy style, part 3

Somebody sure got my dog figured out:  

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T-shirts and truths?

When it comes to yoga clothes, I tend to prefer tight tops and loose trousers. Tight tops because of headstand and other inversions; with loose tops the whole class can get an eyeful of something you’d rather keep to yourself ;-). … Continue reading

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