Sad day

RIP Bianca

Today’s been a day of sadness in our house. Bianca, our 8-year-old guinea pig lady, has reached the end of her path and so we’re hosting a funeral. Although not a significant piece of news in a global perspective, it’s still been a tough ordeal for the kids. Death is no easy concept, whichever way you look at it, and having pets eventually means you have to face the end part of life too.

Still, as a parent I think this just might make kids better equipped to face other sad things in life too, since the circle of sorrow is quite similar, no matter what the object of it is. At first you’re in shock, then you grieve, and eventually you come to terms with your loss – or at least learn to live with it. Following a pet in its life cycle will teach you this – in its own gentle way.

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