Yoga & Food

Spent the lion part of this Sunday at a joint venture with Nina Westerback from Tosiruoka – Riktig mat, repeating our course from June: a day filled with yoga and food – with a perspective on holistic well-being.

Our group was mixed, with both more experienced and relatively new yogis. They were all absolutely great, even though the morning’s Asthanga practice was a hard one – slowly but surely we went through the paces of the whole 1st series, which was no easy feast. But everyone did their best and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they won’t feel too worn out tomorrow!

Raw chocolate in the making

Luckily Nina had prepared a delicious lunch, which we got to enjoy after the practice. Nina also shared with us her views on healthy eating and many of the participants also contributed with their knowledge. Many tips on “best buys” were exchanged and we all got new ideas and inspiration.

To top it all off Nina showed us how to make raw chocolate, which actually is a very healthy treat bursting with antioxidants and flavonoids. These disappeared from the plate pretty fast, so I think we’ll all try making them at home – seriously addictive stuff…!

The day finished with a restorative hatha yoga practice, where focus was on alternating chest-opening and forward bending asanas. To top it all off we did some breathing excercises, mantras and a final relaxation, which hopefully prepared everyone with good energies for the working week to come.

Thank you all for taking part in this and sharing with us your knowledge and experiences and hope to see you again!

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