Mixed feelings

This weekend I went “back to school” and tomorrow it’s the kids’ turn. Therefore this evening was spent chasing pens, pencil cases, erasers and other wildly important things one cannot do without when school starts.

It’s funny to see how age changes your perception: our 10-year olds are still happy to go back and focus on meeting all the friends they haven’t had a chance to see during summer. But our 12-year old is already pre-teen enough to know that being happy about this is decidedly uncool. What follows are heated discussions about right and wrong.

From a parent’s perspective school always starts both too soon – and too late. Too soon in the sense that of course I’ve also enjoyed these idle weeks without busy mornings, hobby runs, homework or PTA meetings. Too late in the sense that I’m seriously not shedding any tears when the endless food service apparatus needed to keep 3 kids (and multiple friends) up-and-running ends and the school kitchen takes over – which it does in Finland, luckily enough. All in all, it’s a good thing the everyday takes over.

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