Teacher in the making

I’m happy to report that the first day of my 200hr yoga teacher training is now done. This block of studies has 3 more days to go and then I will have completed the first part of 5 courses in total. The plan is to do the rest this coming year and I really hope I’ll have the time and energy, since it’s always so inspiring to meet other yogis and learn from them. This particular study block deals with anatomy and I’m sure to come back to my classes with fascinating insights about the functionality of the tensor fascia lata* and the semimembranosus **.

*tensor fascia lata = a small polyarticular muscle which originates at the iliac crest in front of the gluteus medius, assisting it with the internal rotation of the hip

** semimembranosus = one of the 2 muscles making up the inner hamstrings

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