Summer, sun and sea

Our nearest beach, about 500 metres away.

Still some summer left, so I took the kids to the beach. One of the advantages of living in a coastal town is that the closest beach is never too far away. Actually we have several really good ones to choose from, all within walking distance.

Another thing altogether is that water temperatures this far up North rarely reach tolerable levels – at least for adults. Kids of course are known to have a little more stamina, so the little daredevils actually went into the water – and not only once but several times. Makes you wonder at what age we lose that daring spirit? When it comes to cold water, I think mine was lost at a fairly early age…

About 1 minute after this pic was taken, they all dived in. Respect!About 1 minute after this snap was taken, they all happily dived in. Respect!

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