Making a clean breast of it

My son’s room: our local LEGO-brick centre.

I’m happy to admit I’m not much of a decorator and interior design is not my favourite pastime. I’ll do only just as much as I have to, so that the house doesn’t overflow with stuff.  In spite of my lack of interest for home styling, I do appreciate a clean and clutter-free house just as much as the next person. However, 3 kids (which usually includes a few friends to go) make “clean and clutter-free” about the last things which spring to mind at our house.

My daughter’s room: a cosy and inviting den for friends?




My youngest son is a passionate LEGO-builder and my daughter loves close and long encounters with her friends, so we tend to host quite a few sleep-overs. Sometimes to the extent that we don’t even bother shifting away the extra mattresses in-between.

Occasionally I try to pull the whole thing together by making them clean their rooms (or at least pick up most of the stuff so that I can do the job) but lately I must admit I’ve let things slip pretty badly, resorting to my yoga mat (outside) and just ignoring the inside. I have a feeling pay-back time for that is coming up soon. Any home styling gurus/life organizers out there looking for a real challenge?

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