Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga

Another good info-pic, displaying the foundation of Asthanga Yoga philosophy, on which the whole system is based:

Courtesy of Alison Hinks Yoga

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16 Responses to Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga

  1. I think this chart is trying to demonstrate that by practicing yoga, and going through the relaxation steps each time you do it, you will find yourself in a state of meditation and oneness with your mind and body. It is displaying how when you first start yoga you think about the poses and how to conquer the poses, then you learn how to do the poses while deep breathing, and from there you begin to relax more and more until there is a conscious withdrawal of the senses and an intense focus on this relaxation. This is when the state of meditation and oneness is found. This is how I perceive the chart.

  2. Seeing the chart can make one realize the many essentials of achieving a true connection and success with yoga. Each branch signifies how important they are individually as well as together.

  3. Thank you for all your comments. I appreciate all your viewpoints – there really is no limit to all the ways we can interpret the concept of yoga. And it’s fascinating how you might start at the physical step and then gradually – almost without even noticing it – you’ll come across all these other aspects too.

  4. Will Prinzi says:

    This makes me think of how much Yoga is misconstrued in western practice. I started reading a lot about Yoga in this past year and now I view it as more of a religion than exercise. Its a way to totally purify the body and mind. The bodies purification can be achieved with the asanas and pranayama as well as a correct diet and habit of cleanliness. I’ve viewed purification of the mind as something that follows this; something that will be achieved when your body is an adequate vessel for your soul. I love this chart, I’ve never seen the eight limbs laid out so neatly and cleanly.

  5. Through observation of the chart, it seems to me that these are some of the many branches of yoga that make it as one practice. The terms/sayings on the left side of the chart show the energy and meaning those sayings give out, and then finally putting them into practice with the yoga positions one can achieve a state of deep meditation and achieve oneness with its self and surroundings.

  6. Melissa P says:

    I think that the chart is showing some of the different things that we must sacrifice to let go of the negativities in life and finding forms of selflessness and how to reach that enlightened state of oneness. I find it interesting and I think it’s a positive reach to people and yoga helps to bring us to that state.

  7. Julianne W says:

    I think the chart is showing the steps one needs to take in order to achieve a state of oneness. It looks like this is what we have been doing in class so that is really cool.
    -Julianne Waber

  8. Annley Nirschel says:

    The chart clearly demonstrates the progress one can make while practicing the art of Yoga. It seems that the image begins with pose, which is the most physical aspect of Yoga, and ends with state of oneness, which is entirely internal and can only be achieved with the correct combination of spirtiual, emotional, and physical unity.

  9. The graph is a little hard to understand, but it shows the steps it takes for an individual to reach oneness.

  10. I like that this graph shows how different types of yoga are meaningful to different ways of reaching inner-awarence.

  11. I guess I never realized that there are levels of yoga one-ness, but I like the idea that the more you practice, the more you come to a state of inner peace and one-ness!

  12. irenamichals says:

    The chart nicely shows the ‘journey’ of yoga practitioners that leads, ultimately, to the highest level of oneness.

  13. I would love to learn how one is supposed to practice the eight limbs of yoga and go through them as they are intended. Its too bad that we only focus on the asanas but not surprising. I look forward to they day when society finds the worth of spriritual work.

  14. I think this would be rad if I knew what things on this chart meant. As of now, i see that the things that happen to me are going to put me in a state of oneness, so it looks like I’m on the right track! Hooray for humanity!

  15. Thanks! I found it on another yoga site I like very much. Synergy is good :-).

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