Getting organized

Having spent weeks searching for the right kind of personal organizer, I’m left wondering what the manufacturers of these things are thinking. Most seem to be under the impression that our daily lives end at 5pm, since that’s when the scheduling ends. Well, I’ve got news for you: there are those of us who actually work evenings (and need to schedule them too). And quite a few who – even if they’re not working – have appointments or hobbies at late hours. So how hard can it be to create a calendar which fits these in too?

This search-in-vain finally led me to spend (what feels like) a small fortune on a personal organizer from Filofax, which at least provides scheduling until 8pm – and a huge amount of accessories to choose from. Another plus is the high-quality leather cover – my last one was retired only last year, after a good 15 years of service.

Ok, so according to my husband I might very well be one of the last people left on earth to still use an organizer in paper form, but what the heck, so be it. Most other parts of my existence take place in virtual format, so I guess sticking to an old-fashioned, easy-to-grasp calendar is just my way to keep feet firmly on the ground.

Another perhaps more embarrassing reason to use a paper version is that when using the calendar on my IPhone, I just can’t read the damn thing – the text is too small and there’s no easy overview of the whole week, which I need. So, to make things even more embarrassing, I’ve ordered the A4 format – with columns big enough for even old, short-sighted me to read.

Now I can’t wait for it to ship over – I want to start filling it with my engagements for this autumn – complete in colour codes and everything (and this is where my husband really starts laughing). But at least I’ll be totally on top of things with this stylish baby by my side (and not having to recharge it either, hah!).

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