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Summer fun, part 2

Taking advantage of the warm weather we’ve (finally!) been enjoying up here in the North: morning practice outside in the sun. Does wonders for motivation and all of a sudden the movements just flow. I love this time of year! … Continue reading

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On teaching yoga

Being part of a virtual yoga community is valuable, because occasionally you come across gems like this: The Heart of Teaching Yoga. This beautifully written story touches the core of why I want to teach yoga – and also how I … Continue reading

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Hardcore work

This coming autumn season will see me working physically harder than I’ve ever done before, with both my own training and (what feels like a) huge amount of weekly lead classes. And not only yoga, since I was also asked to … Continue reading

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Getting organized

Having spent weeks searching for the right kind of personal organizer, I’m left wondering what the manufacturers of these things are thinking. Most seem to be under the impression that our daily lives end at 5pm, since that’s when the … Continue reading

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The Yoga Field

Have you ever got lost in the jungle of different yoga styles? This brilliant infopic gives some insight into the yoga map – from vigorous and physically demanding styles to the more introvert and meditative ones. In general, I think … Continue reading

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Whatever works

Still on holiday, but eagerly making plans for autumn. At the moment it seems there will be quite a lot of yoga on the schedule and therefore most of my holiday time is spent training. But can’t really complain, since active … Continue reading

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Too much of a holiday?

Son and dog spread out on the grass, perhaps tired after yet another tedious day filled with games, swimming and sunshine?

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