Holiday plans

A bit of light summer reading…?

This blog is slowly quieting down for the holidays. Many of you are probably doing the same: cutting down on work (and internet-time too). What on earth will fill our days then, you might think? Well, I’ve got my path cut out for me: reading up on yoga is highest on my list. Secondly, I’ll spend more time on my own training to prepare for a tough autumn with more classes than I’ve ever held before. It’s going to be great fun, but I really need these free, two months to prepare for this challenge both mentally and physically.

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4 Responses to Holiday plans

  1. anjaliyogini says:

    I am reading The Autobiography of a Yogi for probably the 50th time and it always shows me so much every time!!! My favorite english translation with great commentary for the Gita is by Eknath Easwaran in three volumes #1 The End of Sorrow. Enjoy your summer and reading!

  2. YogaYana says:

    Have you read the Yamas and the Niyamas by Deborah Adele? I am currently reading it for my yoga teacher training and it is fantastic! I think all yogis should read it!

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