On finding contentment

Yoga is more than a physical practice – it is also a philosophy about how we should live. According to yogic philosophy, we cause ourselves pain by desiring things we don’t have, but think that we need. In other words, we hurt ourselves by yearning after what’s out of reach.
Santosa is a Niyama, or guiding principle of yoga. This principle encourages us to develop contentment. It prescribes striving to be grateful for what we have rather than constantly yearning for new and different things. The word “Santosa” is also sometimes translated as happiness, because by finding contentment with what we have, we also find joy, relaxation, and peace. You can practice Santosa in all aspects of your life – towards your family, friends, work and career alike.
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2 Responses to On finding contentment

  1. Nova says:

    Så klokt!! Jag vill verkligen börja yoga igen, slappnar av i kroppen och sinnet och blir inte ens stressad av SL när jag åker hem. Det är vad jag kallar bra skit.

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